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Sustainable Metallization for the Graphic Arts.

EcoLeaf is a new category of metallization for the Graphic Arts. It is used to embellish labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging and more. By only using the precise amount of metal required, EcoLeaf eliminates the need for Hot- and Coldfoil.


You can generate a wide range of metallic embellishments:

  • Tactile metallic effects without embossing (rotary or flatbed screen)
  • Very fine metallization at the highest resolution (flexo)
  • Seamless and variable metallization (inkjet)
low tactile
medium tactile
high tactile



  • Application of the precise amount of metal needed
  • Eradicate the need for Hot- and Coldfoil

Better Economics

  • Significant amount of material and cost savings
  • Reduced production time


  • Very fine details and high resolution metallization
  • Tactile effect with high gloss, also on filmic substrates


  • Over and under print metallization for a rainbow of metallic effects
  • Conventional and digital integration options for a variety of printing presses


Choose the metallization

Before print
after print


  • Inline integration into narrow web printing presses
  • Offline integration into finishing equipment
  • Plug and Play system with intuitive operation
  • Retrofit options

„Sustainable metallization for decorative printing without Hot- and Coldfoil“


EcoLeaf metallization units will be available for all printing segments, including labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, commercial printing, and publishing. It will fit a wide range of applications like Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Consumer Products or Health Care.

The first module to be commercialized is designed for use with narrow web presses and the production of labels. Future metallization units will be available for sheetfed and mid-web printing presses.

Choose the metallization

Before print
after print

About us

Jan Franz Allerkamp

Chief Executive Officer

Harald Jasper

Chief Operation Officer

Dario Urbinati

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

ACTEGA Metal Print was founded in February 2017 with a mission to revolutionize graphic arts with a sustainable metallization technology that significantly reduces the amount of material, waste, cost and production time for creating decorative embellishments compared to today’s conventional processes that are mainly foil-based.

To achieve this mission, ALTANA’s ACTEGA division acquired Nano-Metallography™, a unique technology that was first unveiled at the drupa 2016 print exhibition by Benny Landa, founder of the Landa Group. This game-changing technology, now called “EcoLeaf” will be commercially available from summer 2020.

ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH

Mielestr. 13
31275 Lehrte

Phone +49 5132 5009-500
Fax +49 5132 5009-110

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LEHRTE, GERMANY, 12. May 2020

ACTEGA Metal Print Announces Partnership with A B Graphic International to Drive Market Adoption of its Revolutionary EcoLeaf™ Metallization Technology

ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH (AMP) today announces a global partnership with leading print finishing expert, A B Graphic International (ABG), to manage direct sales, marketing and customer service for its sustainable and cost-effective metallization technology, EcoLeaf™ – starting first in the European Union and the UK. 

ABG is the first appointed commercial partner for EcoLeaf™ metallization units

Lehrte, Germany, 13. March 2020

ACTEGA Metal Print announces Kolbe-Coloco as world´s frist EcoLeaf™ beta customer

ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH today announces the German print specialist, Kolbe-Coloco Spezialdruck GmbH, as the world’s first beta customer for its revolutionary, sustainable and cost-effective metallization technology, EcoLeaf™. Focusing on high-end applications, the company will use the new solution to print profit driving metallization embellishments onto self-adhesive labels for a broad variety of markets.  The company cites the eradication of foil and its sustainability advantages as a key decision.

Based in Versmold, only a 1.5 hours drive from ACTEGA in Lehrte, Kolbe-Coloco is part of the 550 people Hamburg based printing group, H.O.PERSIEHL.

Lehrte, Germany, 12. March 2020

Kolbe-Coloco beta tests ECOLEAF decoration

Kolbe-Coloco Spezialdruck GmbH, a German printer based in Versmold, has installed the first of a new metallization technology called ECOLEAF, for use on a narrow web label press. This sample shows ACTEGA’s Metal Print ECOLEAF metallization.

ECOLEAF was originally developed by Landa and first shown as Nano Metallography at Drupa 2016. Landa sold the technology to ALTANA’s ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants division in 2017. ALTANA used it as the basis of a new company, ACTEGA Metal Print, and has further developed the technology.

Conventional metal foiling leads to a great deal of waste as it involves cutting an image out of a sheet of foil and throwing away the unused part of the sheet. But ECOLEAF works by applying a thin layer of silver metallic flakes or pigments to a donor roller that is then applied to the image to create the decorative effect.

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