LEHRTE, GERMANY, 4. September 2020

Dear Customers, Partners, Friends and Colleagues,
Despite tremendous challenges due to the Covid-19 situation, the recent months have been exciting for the ACTEGA Metal Print Team, and it is our pleasure to again update you on the progress we have made with our EcoLeaf Technology.
First and foremost, we would like to invite you to an Online seminar taking place on the 16th of September 2020 – You will have the choice of two slots, 11:00am CET or 5:00pm CET.

The Seminar will be hosted by EcoLeaf´s first appointed distribution partner, AB Graphics International, and the ACTEGA Metal Print Team. We will show presentations and discuss the EcoLeaf technology, integration and application possibilities. We are also delighted to announce that Matthias Vollherbst, Managing Owner of Vollherbst Druck (www.vollherbst.com) will be our guest for a live interview. Matthias will provide insights regarding his motivation behind investing in EcoLeaf, thoughts about Return on Investment, Application and Sustainability – while also discussing Vollherbst´s recently achieved Fair´n Green Certification.

From left to right: Stefan Vollherbst, Matthias Vollherbst & Dr. Franz-Josef Vollherbst

Read the press release about Vollherbst´s invest in EcoLeaf on our homepage: www.actega-metalprint.com/news

Please sign-up here for the Online Seminar.

Our Beta Program is now up and running with four EcoLeaf Metallization Units installed on several machine platforms in different European Countries, and plans to install further units in the upcoming months. The Beta installations are generating great results, allowing our team to do long-run and speed tests, application development and substrate qualification. A double-digit number of substrates has already been added to our qualified list, and a stable production speed above 80m/min has also been achieved.

In our April 2020 newsletter, we spoke about EcoLeaf and the rainbow of metallic colors achievable by overprinting. We have since done extensive tests and are proud to present to you one of our Gold samples produced with an in house Flexo UV spot color printed on EcoLeaf – we developed this together with our Beta customer Kolbe-Coloco.

In parallel to our Beta Program, we have been further developing EcoLeaf Digital. Our modular print bar equipped with Ricoh Gen 5 inkjet heads, EcoLeaf Digital allows true digital metallization from a 330 to 520mm print width and a resolution of 1200dpi. It also enables variable drop sizes that support fine details and tactile effects. For ultimate production flexibility, the print bar and the EcoLeaf Metallization Unit can be installed into any conventional, hybrid or digital printing equipment. Our first EcoLeaf Digital system is set-up on an AB Graphic web transport system in our Competence Centre in Lehrte. For those interested in seeing it in operation, we will provide a presentation via a virtual live stream. Please get in touch if you are interested in attending the presentation or indeed installing an EcoLeaf Digital Beta Unit at your production site.

While several activities are in progress, we are also developing new applications for EcoLeaf. As indicated in an earlier Newsletter, we are continuing to refine EcoLeaf’s back side printing capability for transparent substrates – this allows metallization without Gravure. We have also scheduled further tests to investigate e.g. SSL possibilities, and we will update you on our progress in the future.

During 2021, we plan to install commercial EcoLeaf Units in the European Printing Market. If you would like to find out how your business could benefit from EcoLeaf and the amazing opportunities it unlocks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Finally, we would like to show our gratitude and appreciation for the support received from our beta and development partners, consultants and employees. As partners and a team, we have been able to achieve exciting results despite these challenging times. We wish you all the best and good health.

Kind regards
Dario Urbinati CSMO