Stefan Vollherbst, Head of Resource Management & Matthias Vollherbst, Managing Owner at VollherbstDruck GmbH
Lehrte, Germany, 13. July 2020
  • First EcoLeaf order by A B Graphic International
  • Metallization technology to increase sustainability at Vollherbst and unleash new creative potential for label designs

ACTEGA Metal Print GmbH today announces that one of Germany’s leading labels printers, VollherbstDruck GmbH, will start utilizing an EcoLeaf metallization unit from A B Graphic International (ABG).

Following organizational learnings and the ability to offer the technology’s unique benefits to its core market first, the company predicts ROI from EcoLeaf in only six months.

Marking the first EcoLeaf order to be booked by ACTEGA Metal Print’s recently announced global commercial partner ABG – also representing the first joint beta site between both parties – the breakthrough solution is expected to be installed in September 2020 on Vollherbst’s existing A B Graphic Digicon Series 3 converting machine.

The introduction of EcoLeaf will enable the company to offer an alternative solution to traditional hot foil for a large and growing percentage of its jobs, significantly improving its sustainability credentials. In addition, the new technology will allow Vollherbst to customize the metallic colours it can offer, as well as add new applications for its metallized embellishments.

Matthias Vollherbst, Managing Director, VollherbstDruck GmbH comments: “EcoLeaf’s sustainability benefits were the primary reason for the order. We had been given a demo of the core technology at drupa 2016, and we immediately saw great potential in this innovation.”

“When ACTEGA acquired Metallography from Landa, we soon started to collaborate and test the technology together. Whereas hot foil has its limitations, EcoLeaf allows us to quickly and flexibly metallize without waiting for foil blocks or embossing tools – and the quality is great. What’s more, the solution is clearly geared to allow large metallized surface areas in the future – which hot foil can’t easily handle – so in time, it presents another opportunity for us to expand our range of embellishment options. However, with its immediate benefits, we anticipate increased possibilities for brand owners and swift customer take-up.”

In 2021, VollherbstDruck GmbH will celebrate 100 years in business. As a family-run company employing over 110 people and working with more than 300 brand owners internationally, more than ever, innovation and customer service is central to its DNA. In support of that philosophy, Vollherbst has diversified its offering in recent years, to include label consultancy and other creative solutions such as augmented reality. As such, the business now considers itself a label specialist first, and a label printer second.

The company, which has a specialization in highly refined labels for wines and spirits, currently exports 40% of its products. This sees Vollherbst labels serving the French Cognac and South African wine industry, as well as the Swiss confectionary market and much more.

Matthias continues: ‘Key to our business is providing answers to our customers’ problems. For most, the challenge is in convincing the consumer to take their product from the shelf, and often, to also pay a little more for it. So, our customers’ labels need to work harder than ever.”

“Because of this, EcoLeaf comes at the perfect time. Clients we’ve spoken to are already excited to explore its creative potential and reap the on-shelf benefits.”

Vollherbst also said that ABG’s involvement in the beta program made the decision even easier, as they have a very strong relationship with the company and a deep respect for the quality of their technology and customer service.

Commenting on its first EcoLeaf order, Matt Burton, Sales Director for A B Graphic International, said: “We’ve known Matthias and his team for many years now. Vollherbst is a lighthouse customer for us, representing everything that’s great about our industry and a perfect ambassador for our products. Given EcoLeaf’s unique credentials, we expect this to be the first of many orders to come.”

Jan Franz Allerkamp, Managing Director of ACTEGA Metal Print comments: “We are also thrilled to add Vollherbst to our family of customers. They are a very progressive business, and we believe, ideally placed to maximize our technology. We’re excited to see how they leverage EcoLeaf to push the boundaries of label design.”